Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What push me to create this?

For the past few months, I’ve been so busy in school. Until such time, I was given an opportunity to task the family’s camera which I've used also for Solidarity Day last December 12, 2009. Night before the Solidarity Day, when I was about to explore what’s inside our cam (Sony Cybershot) I found something interesting. Then just as I noticed, the cute little girl catch my attention and yeah, she brings me here.
Emotions (LOL)

→ What push me to create this account anyway?
It was actually the perseverance of the writer/frustrated blogger to share her ideas about what she initiates. The interest of course that the writer will work hard intended for the best reaction of her nieceBea Clarrise A. Miase”. Another thing is to let somebody or anyone knows that people like them should be prized; that they’re one of the greatest gifts from Almighty God to be adored, and to know their value as part of the family. Oh, I guess the writer pushed to for it is somehow a desire of the whole family.

Okay, to sum it up. This site would probably share about this little girl-- the development, demands, dislikes, attitude, the style, and the personality. That must be so exciting. I decided to make the title "It's all about Bea". Uh, before I forgot. She's Bea, a 4 years old niece. My brother's daughter. She's the second daughter of three, though the third daughter/son is sill on her mom's tummy. Loves cartoons, Bea is fond of coloring her coloring books, she loves barbie, watching cartoon movies,dresses, and her Mom and Dad. Let’s all examine the outside and inside of “Bea Clarrise” here in her wild world. Ü

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